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Delicate Pencil Lead Sculptures Carved by Salavat Fidai

Starting with carpenter and art pencils containing thick leads, Russian artist uses an X-ACTO knife to carve miniature renderings of hands, buildings, and various characters from pop culture. The delicate process requires a good understanding of how much pressure the lead

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A Miniature Landscape of Elephants Carved From the a Pencil by Cindy Chinn

Artist Cindy Chinn recently created a commissioned work for the California-based, a miniature graphite carving of a family of elephants. The piece, titled , features the animals on the tip of a carpenter’s pencil alongside trees that are dotted to imitate

A Carved Graphite Train on Tracks Emerges from Inside a Carpenter’s Pencil

We’ve seen a number of artists working with pencil leads over the last few years, where the narrow dimensions of graphite are carved into minuscule objects. This recent piece by Nebraska-based artist Cindy Chinn is particularly ingenious, an entire carpenter’s pencil

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