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Crepe Paper Heart Valentine Special

The Only Heart We Want You To Break Hearts are the universal symbol for love, so of course you see lots of heart designs around Valentine’s Day. To channel this heart-filled inspiration, we designed this fabulous DIY heart shaped piñata.

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Valentine’s Day Heart Glasses

We Only Have Eyes for You Valentine’s Day can be a perfect opportunity to get a little silly in your celebrations, so we designed these printable heart shaped glasses for an easy way to accessorize on the occasion! You are

Printable Holiday Gift Wrap: Merry Diamonds
Fall Harvest Gift Wrap

Fall has my favorite color palette of any season, and it’s something that I look forward to welcoming each time October rolls around. Shades of plum are the most irresistible color to me, and my home decor and fashion choices both tend

Paper Bow Templates in Four Sizes. . . Perfect for Spring