Earrings Safe Stand

Hand Craft Tutorial , Home Decoration May 05, 2017 No Comments


  • A dozen or so clean ice sticks
  • Of gouache
  • a brush
  • Strong gel glue


Paint the ice sticks with the gouache; Here I realize a gradient of violet by adding white to my color with each change of stick. Allow to dry thoroughly, and spray aerosol gouache over it to secure the color (optional).

Make the assembly with glue: glue 4, 5 or even 6 sticks (depending on the number of earrings you want to hang) horizontally between two other vertical sticks. Observe the instructions of the glue you are using, especially regarding the total drying time. Then form a triangle on each side of the “grid” with two other ice sticks. A point of strong glue is enough to stick, it will be necessary to hold the sticks a few minutes before the gel sticks well (it is important to have a glue in the form of gel, in order to form a real point of glue where to apply the Ends of the ice sticks).

Make sure to let dry several hours before hanging your earrings!


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