Laying on the grass, watching the fireworks is such a magical time. You can recreate it with this cool salt painting project. This is the perfect art activity to do with your kids this summer or any other time of the year!

I knew I wanted to do some kind of firework art project, and remembered doing salt paintings in elementary school when I was a kid, so this was kind of nostalgic for me.

We only had art once a week but it was always my absolute favorite class. I am still an artist today but there is something about kids art projects that is so relaxing and fun.

I chose to do fireworks for Fourth of July but let your kids be creative with it! I can see an outer space or under the sea scene being really awesome as well!

Before we get to the art project, Rachel wanted to share a few tips she’s learned as a former teacher and a mom of six.

Art is great for kids but moms screw it up all the time (me included). I want to make sure you and your kids have a great experience with this.

  1. Turn off the perfection. There’s a time and a place for perfection. Doing art with your kids is definitely not one of them. Take a step back, relax, and be ready to just go with it.
  2. Focus on the process. Art should be fun, especially when kids are involved. Keep things light. Don’t worry so much about what the end product looks like, just have fun making it. Art is about the experience for kids. They are spending time with you, learning to express themselves, exploring materials. The final product pales in comparison to those things.
  3. Don’t worry about the mess. Art can get messy. Sure, take some precautions. Lay a cheap plastic tablecloth down on the table and the floor. Have your kids wear old clothes or an art apron. Then just let go. Have fun. The mess can be cleaned up later.



    • Table Salt
    • Paper (black really makes the colors pop)
    • watercolors (We love this set. It has some great color choices)
    • brushes
    • White Glue
    • Cookie Sheetsalt painting


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