Stunning wildlife drawings by Richard Symonds

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Richard Symonds with a love for wildlife has created many stunning portrait works of them

Richard Symonds  has a huge fortunate to travel many places around the world from America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe searching for subjects for his wildlife gallery. We can see from his works animals from around the world, from the vast grasslands of Africa to the dense forests of Asia. Each of his trip brings an unique experience and its own differences. A wonderful experience to be able to see the wonderful natural world whether trekking, desert or plains are also extremely poignant when he seeing the destruction of the people from poaching, hunting fire and animal abuse. Paintings with more than 20 years self-taught knowledge, Richard Symonds’s works expressed his love for nature and convey the message for environmental protection.


Pencil and watercolor are two materials that he mainly used in his work.

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Those stunning wildlife paintings have become very popular and are published on many of leading photography magazines. Richard shared that his drawings are to raise the awareness of people about wildlife hunting and they are also be sold to raise funds for the animal protection organizations around the world.


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