How To Paint Evergreen Tree Using A Flat Brush

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Let’s start with a simple evergreen tree using a Flat brush.  All of the information you need about the correct brushes and sizes is included in the Free Tree Pai.

Load a Flat brush with green paint. Blend it on your palette and then use the chisel of the brush to create the trunk. Clean the brush and blot it.  Don’t know what the chisel is?

Sideload your brush and blend it on your palette. Place the corner of the brush down at the tip to create the top of the tree. Now drop the clean side of the brush down and apply the paint horizontally from side to side. Re-load the brush with paint as needed.  Need help in understanding how to sideload?

Here is the progression of steps as your tree comes to life.

This is a very simple technique that delivers great results.  I know you can learn how to do this.


It’s time to apply finishing touches to suggest snow.  I lay out all of the details in the Free Guide on How To Paint Trees


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