Did you know that March is national craft month?  That’s right, there is a whole month devoted to crafting. If only I could have spent all month crafting. While I didn’t craft every day this month, I was able to partner with Wayfair to redo my first ever crafty blog post: DIY hand painted wine glasses.

wine glasses

I made the glasses in the middle and right pictures about 5 years ago for my best friend’s bachelorette party.  I had so much fun that I put a friend to work to make the ones on the left for another friend’s bridal shower. Hand painted wine glasses are inexpensive, yet impressive, gifts to make for all sorts of events.

Hand painted wine glasses tutorial- easy steps to paint your own DIY hand painted wine glasses

Celebrating a friend with a shower isn’t the only reason to make these fabulously fun glasses. It’s just as much fun, if not more fun, to make these for a girls’ night.  The last time I painted wine glasses I made 10 in one night all by myself.  It’s a lot more fun and laid back to make wine glasses with friends.  Way less pressure!

Ready to make your own hand painted wine glasses? Check out this hand painted wine glasses tutorial:

The first step is to buy the wine glasses. I have great luck getting discounted boxes of wine glasses where one of the glasses is broken.  Head to a discount store and check all the boxes for broken glasses.  I was able to get these crystal glasses for about $2.50 each.

cheap wine glasses for DIY hand painted wine glasses

Once you have your glasses picked out, prep them with rubbing alcohol. I use a cotton ball and clean all the surfaces with the alcohol.

Prep wine glasses with rubbing alcohol to get ready for painting

Next, gather all your supplies: paint that can be used for glass (most can, just check the label), paint brushes, paint wells, and water.

Set up for DIY painted wine glasses

I set all of our supplies up outside so we could enjoy the nice Florida weather on the lanai. It will be sweltering hot soon so we’ve got to enjoy these cool nights while we can.

Getting ready to paint DIY painted wine glasses

Next step is to print out the letters you need in a variety of fonts. I think we ended up with 10 different fonts just to find the ones we liked best. Cut your letter out and tape it to the inside of your wine glass. You might need to play around with the sizes to find the one that works best for you.

Place printed letters in wine glass to trace for hand painted wine glasses

The next step is to painting. The sky is the limit. You can keep it simple with just the letter, or you can trace your name. We went with polka dots around the letter. One of my friends, Kristen, even did stripes on the stem and swirls around her letter.

Wine glass painting party

Painting wine glasses

Paint your own wine glasses for a girls night

DIY painted wine glasses with initials. Super easy craft!

Kristen, Liz and I had such a great time chatting while we worked on these. In fact, we had too good of a time! We stayed up past 1 drinking and talking. The next day was pretty rough for me.  All in the name of crafting, right?

The next step is to cure the paint. Once you finish decorating, allow the paint to dry for at least an hour. Then bake them on 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Turn off the oven and let them cool down before removing.

wine glass hand painted

The final step is my favorite: have a drink and enjoy your beautiful new glass!

I love the way mine turned out. The light colors look great with both red and white wine.

DIY hand painted wine glass for girls night

You really can’t go wrong with these glasses. If you mess up, use some rubbing alcohol to clean it off and start over. The paint isn’t set until you let it dry and you cure it in the oven.

Want to get crafting? Check out the arts and crafts section at Wayfair. They even have all the storage bins you need to set up your craft area.


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