Crepe Paper Wedding Bouquet Tutorial

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Paper Wedding Bouquet

I am super-excited to announce that I will be launching my own crepe paper line with German paper company Werola later this year! We are developing a line of extra fine crepe papers in an on-trend palette, inspired by nature and created specifically for exquisite crafting. I cannot wait to share it with you guys and begin showing you how to create stunning handmade flowers, home decor goods and more with this one-of-a-kind craft material – bring on the crepe paper revival! To celebrate this exciting partnership I got back to my roots by designing and making a new paper dress with crepe!

Long term fans will know that I design and make paper dresses now and then! It’s something that I love to do, it’s definitely challenging but oh-so-satisfying! This growing little blog of mine has taken up all of my creative time in recent years, but for 2016 I made a promise to myself to design another paper dress or two. Embarking on a crepe paper revival with Werola gave me the opportunity to do just that, and I am loving being back in the saddle! Over the course of a weekend, I cut, twisted, stretched and glued glorious crepe papers until my heart was content! After around 20 hours, I had created a full-sized wearable paper dress out of beautiful German crepe paper, and this sneak peek is the end result – more pics and info to follow but if you can’t wait, you can see more on my Facebook page!

No wedding gown is complete without a bridal bouquet and so it was only fitting that I also create a crepe paper flower bouquet to compliment this pretty dress. Made in a selection of soft yellow, blush pink and metallic copper this crepe paper flower bouquet can be made at home with a little patience, a touch of creativity and our printable flower pattern below! For more news and information on my upcoming crepe paper line, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We’ll see you there! ~

Paper Wedding Bouquet

Paper Wedding Bouquet Tutorial


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