How To Paint Simple Evergreen Using an Angle Bristle Brush

Amazing 3D Art , Wall Art Nov 12, 2016 No Comments

Time for a change and a new lesson.  Let’s learn how to paint trees with the Angle Bristle Brush, also known as a Foliage Brush. This brush creates wonderful texture when used in an up and down pouncing motion.  We refer to this pouncing motion as “stippling”.  Get a copy of the guide for more information about the brush I used in this example.

Let’s start by drawing a pyramid shape with a straight line down the middle. The line in the middle represents the trunk of the tree.

Your first step is to load the brush with dark green paint, pounce the bristles on your palette until you see there’s nice texture. The free guide provides all of the details you need to master this technique.

From the base of the tree…

To the very tip… this tree is ready for snow.

And here are the finishing touches that bring it all together.  Using my step by step guide, I know you can do this.  It’s all explained in detail in the Guide,


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