How To Paint Pine Tree Using A Flat Brush

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And now we’ll learn how to paint trees in a slightly more realistic way. In this demonstration I used a Flat brush.

You will find a pattern for this tree in the FREE Guide.  Trace on the pattern for the bare tree. Use a #1 Liner brush to paint the tree with a dark brown.


Let’s make some easy pine needles, shall we?  We’ll start by double-loading the flat brush.   Load one side into dark green and the other into White.  The finer points of this technique are in the Guide with detailed supporting pictures to help you.

Position the chisel of the brush with the green side touching the branch and the white side pointing out. Start at the base of the branch. Press the brush down leaving a chisel imprint. Move up the branch and as you near the tip pivot the angle of the brush so that the tip tapers. Make your way down the other side.


Now is the time to put the finishing touches on the tree.  This is where it really comes alive.  All of the details are provided in the Free Guide on How To Paint Trees.


I hope you enjoyed this review on how to paint trees.  The free guide is bursting with additional details.  In addition, it has detailed instructions for even more trees.  I was so excited to create it for you, and I know you will love what you learn in it.


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