How To Make Flying Balloon

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Flying Balloon1

The arms for the Twirled Balloon are made following the pattern principle used for Heart #050 with Triangles. First you prepare two pieces with 12 arms each from two parts of different colour and then you weave the two pieces together like the simple Balloon #001.

Flying Balloon2 Flying Balloon3

You have three different options for combining and weaving together the two pieces. The outcome is rather different.

Balloon with vertical stripes

This tutorial is for the Balloon with triangles in purple/yellow/black/turquoise shown on the picture.

Cut the following pieces in paper of quality 80 – 110 g/m2:

  • 1 swirling piece with 12 arms part 1 in colour A (here it is purple)
  • 1 swirling piece with 12 arms part 2 in colour B (yellow)
  • 1 swirling piece with 12 arms part 1 mirrored in colour C (here it is black)
  • 1 swirling piece with 12 arms part 2 mirrored in colour D (turquoise)
  • 1 arched strip in colour C
  • 1 basket piece in colour C
  • 1 hanger piece in colour C

Flying Balloon4 Flying Balloon5

1. First thing to do is to “twirl” together the two different pieces, part 1 (purple) and part 2 (yellow). Place the two pieces next to each other, arms swirling in the same direction.

Flying Balloon6

2. Place part 1 on top of part 2. No holes must show along the arms.

Flying Balloon7

3. Now you must twirl the arms one by one. Keep together the center of the two pieces with left hand’s thumb and forefinger. With your right hand lift up the piece behind (yellow) and place it in front of the other piece (purple) using the first notch along the right edge of the purple arms to make the colours shift while still maintaining the outer shape of the arm.

Flying Balloon8

4. Again lift up the piece in the lower layer (yellow) and place it in front of the other piece (purple) using the next notch along the right edge to make the colours shift.

Flying Balloon9

5. Continue twirling until all notches are used.

Flying Balloon10

6. Prepare the other piece from the mirrored parts in the same way. Here the black part 1 is the one showing in the center.

Flying Balloon11

7. Weave the balloon from the two pieces prepared in the same way as you would weave Balloon #001. Consider that the purple star shall show. Also consider that the vertical line between the two colours of a piece always splits the “square” in two equal sized sections. The longest edge of the small triangles shall run as a vertical line from the top of the balloon to the lower edge.

8. Take the basket, cords and wide arched piece in colour C (black).

9. Fix the wide arched strip along the edge on the outside of the balloon. The longer edge should follow the longer side of the last row of triangles in colour C and the points of the squares in colour A/B (purple/yellow). Press down to make a tight fit.

10. Form the small basket. Fix the sides using the small notch as a guide. Smear glue on the small flaps of the bottom and press down inside the basket. Let it dry.

11. Smear glue along the upper edge outside the basket. Also smear glue on the inside of the open strip holding the cords. Roll the strip around the basket upper edges aligned. Tighten and press down.

12. Fix the horizontal bar at the end of the 6 cords to the inside of the balloon. The bar should go near the edge. Let them dry.

13. To hang the balloon make a small hole in the centre of the top and fix a piece of string tying a pearl or like to the end inside the balloon.


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