Realistic Oil Paintings by Dutch Artist Tjalf Sparnaay

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Tjalf Sparnaay was born in Haarlem, Netherlands in the year 1954. He is a combination of artist, photographer, illustrator and painter. Though Tjalf Sparnaay’s education background was for sports, he self taught himself painting and photography. Tjalf Sparnaay draws inspiration from everyday objects and still life photography. Most of his subjects would be food like crushed coco-cola tin, a half eaten sandwich, a bag of chips with mayonnaise or even a bunch of tulips tightly wrapped with a cellophane paper. He is quite popular for his hyper realistic oil paintings. He comes up with these mega size realistic paintings, which makes viewers drool out of hunger. Sparnaay is one of the most important artists who pioneered the mega realism paintings from the 1980’s. His painting style and technique has touches of Vemeer in the likes of detailing and colour and Rembrandt for the light and shadow touches. According to his blog, “By using trivial and everyday objects, I enable reality to flow from my brush once more. My intention is to give these objects a soul and a renewed presence”.

Realistic Paintings1 Realistic Paintings2 Realistic Paintings3 Realistic Paintings4 Realistic Paintings5 Realistic Paintings6 Realistic Paintings7 Realistic Paintings8 Realistic Paintings9 Realistic Paintings10 Realistic Paintings11 Realistic Paintings12 Realistic Paintings13 Realistic Paintings14 Realistic Paintings15 Realistic Paintings16 Realistic Paintings17 Realistic Paintings18 Realistic Paintings19 Realistic Paintings20 Realistic Paintings21


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