Fantastic Oil Painting

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Fantastic Oil Painting1

I picked up a corporate commission to produce a painting for the cover of the Smuckers Company 2016 Annual Report. Initially I was pretty happy that I got it, but it turned out that they were on a very short timeline and I would only have about three weeks to complete the painting. In a perfect world I would have liked (very much) to have had an additional week, but May 31st was it. So, I’ve been working like a crazy man to get this done as fast as I could, and last night just before midnight I called it done.

Fantastic Oil Painting2

This will be my final painting for our two person show at Tree’s Place Gallery this July. I’ve got two more very similar compositions which could, if combined with this one, possibly go together as a triptych. Or not . . .
Now I’ve got to get going on a corporate commission. The client finally approved the composition and my panel should arrive tomorrow. This will probably keep me busy for the next few weeks.

Fantastic Oil Painting3

I’ve wanted to paint this stack of crackers for a while now, but to be honest, I was ascared of the cellophane wrapper. Really wasn’t sure I could do it, but I decided to take the leap and give it a try. I figured if it came out bad I’d just scrap it and reuse the panel for something else. For the most part, I think it worked.

Fantastic Oil Painting4

My plan for our two person show at Tree’s Place Gallery this year is to have all my work limited to a 12 x 12 format. I’ve done one “soda” painting already and thought it needed a companion, so I’ve added a Pepsi to the mix. I love the spiral bottles and really love the bottle cap graphic on the carrier.

Fantastic Oil Painting5

My brother was in town for Christmas and while he was here we spent some time knuckling around antique shops in Old Chamblee. At one of those stores I spotted this vintage stapler. It had a cool shape, was kind of shiny, and I thought, “this may be something to paint”. In July it’ll be shipped north to Cape Cod for our two person show at Tree’s Place Gallery.

Fantastic Oil Painting6

Karen and I returned Sunday evening from Charleston where we had attended the opening night reception of her solo show at Principle Gallery. She had been working for months creating the paintings for the show which was to open Friday April 1st, but the 24 hours leading up to the show looked as though the weather gods weren’t going to cooperate. We were checking the Weather Channel app practically every hour prior to our scheduled 7am departure time, and it wasn’t looking good. At seven the morning of the show storms were still passing through Atlanta, but it looked like there may be a window if we waited until 10am to leave.

Fantastic Oil Painting7

Well, like the Red Sea, the storms parted at 10am and it was smooth sailing all the way to the gallery. Not a drop, but the meteorologists were still predicting thunderstorms to begin just as the doors to the gallery were to open at 5 that evening. We had driven up Monday of that week to deliver the paintings and when we arrived the day of the show the staff had hung the space beautifully. Principle is a gorgeous gallery.

Fantastic Oil Painting8

Karen and I were warmly greeted by Michele, Frank, Thomas and Tabitha, and we had a nice time getting reacquainted and walking around the space. After our hello’s we left to get ready. Since we had departed so much later than planed it was nearly time for the the doors  to open, so we went to our room, dropped off our bags and got cleaned up for the reception.

Fantastic Oil Painting9

A little after five, the skies were overcast but still dry, when we arrived at the gallery. The space was quickly beginning to fill and it wasn’t long before the guests began to surround Karen. At that point I faded into the background, as my job now was to record the event.

Fantastic Oil Painting10

I had just got my camera ready I saw Frank Russen, the director, adding the first red dot. I should say the first red of the evening, because three had been added during the week leading up to the opening.

Fantastic Oil Painting11

As the evening progressed the weather continued to remain dry, and the crowd continued to grow. Karen and the gallery staff were kept busy speaking with all the guests and of course adding more red dots to the walls.

Fantastic Oil Painting12 Fantastic Oil Painting13

The reception was to end at 8 and at a quarter till the rain finally came. We couldn’t believe the weather had held until the show was nearly over. Personally, I don’t think the event could have gone any better. Maybe a sold out show. The gallery was filled for the entire evening, everybody seemed to be having a really good time and when it was over 11 of 21 paintings had sold! Michele, Frank, Thomas Provost and Tabitha did an amazing job putting everything together. They are a very hard working team that love what they do and it shows.

Fantastic Oil Painting14

Fantastic Oil Painting15

I’ve been painting mixers for a while now, but none quite like this GE. I’m not sure of the vintage, but I really like the shape. In a way I liken this to an earlier piece titled, “Fin”. It’s mostly about the graphic quality of the image, and not so much about the machine. I don’t know how this painting will be received, but it’s something I’ve wanted to paint for sometime. When it’s ready I’ll be shipping this to Principle Gallery in Alexandria for a still life invitational this April.

Fantastic Oil Painting16

Another piece slated for our two person show at Tree’s Place Gallery this July. I’ve got a new mixer on the easel right now. It’s destined for a still life invitational at Principle Gallery in April. I should be posting an image of it in four or five days.


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