DIY Paper Lanterns For Home Decoration

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The paper is one of my favorite versatility of our materials, ease of use, naturalness, because of recyclability. And cheating on any assignment to all of the positive qualities!This time, we show how imaginative lampshades made into a home or even simple tools.The beauty solutions virtually inexhaustible designers. Here are a few!

The first lamp was notched sheets of paper. Organic shaped like a snail shell ….

paper lampe 1

Andorka Timea ceiling lamp made of simple paper strips, it is very impressive.

paper lampe 2 paper lampe 3 paper lampe 4

The London Guy Hohmann “Rosa” fantasy names umbrella lamp can be easily replaced. If the lamp megunnánk materials and color of the five metal tin to slit easily be hung in the new, geometrically meghajtogatott paper.

paper lampe 5 paper lampe 6

The “Beute” paper chandeliers buy a designer, web shop around, but not like rocket science to prepare at home scrap of corrugated cardboard and corrugated strips. The recycled trash really trendy shade born!

paper lampe 7 paper lampe 8 paper lampe 9

This beautiful table lamp made of many papírtekercsecskéből over several hours. We offer only endless türelműeknek to try anything similar!

paper lampe 10 paper lampe 11 paper lampe 12 paper lampe 13

Esko Heilner it was important during the above fixture design, to create cost-effective to manufacture and transport, and easy to assemble objects. The wing elements of the same stancformájúak and lapraszerelten arrive. The curved cut ends of the strips összeakasztjuk.The “rings” was slid into each other, and the result is a beautiful lamp shade

paper lampe 14 paper lampe 15 paper lampe 16

Paper strips of equal width loop-like lights.

paper lampe 17

Together with the origami-like pleated lampshade on the wooden wall brackets and a matching woven clad in blue-rounded leaders.

paper lampe 18

The beautiful and colorful folding portions of these lamps lies in the beauty of the Russian Valeria Sergienko which is designed and shown in Moscow Design Week.

paper lampe 19 paper lampe 20


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