DIY Paper Art 3d Blossom Heart

Flowers Tutorial Images , Paper Art Apr 08, 2016 No Comments

Did you spot our artwork in the latest issue of Home Beautiful magazine? Our “3d blossom heart” has found a spot with a collection of emerald items which prove that it is easy being (or living with) green!

home decoration 1

Each one of our 3d blossom artworks is unique as we cut all the tiny hearts that make up the blossoms with scissors and don’t follow a particular pattern to arrange them. We find each one takes on a life of its own which makes them lots of fun to do!
We also use our original blossom design to create larger artworks like the one pictured below which we finished just a few days ago. We love this particular mix of blues, aquas and greens – perfect for the warmer weather which we hope is just around the corner….

home decoration 1 home decoration 2


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